The Garden

A picture says a thousand words right?!?!  Can I get away with just that for today 😉
IMG 4525 - The Garden

Just kidding! Here’s my garden which last fall was an overgrown mess of shrubbery and bushes.  We pulled the mess out last fall and today was the day to get it looking like a garden. We brought in the big guns and I (yes, I) tilled the ground. All I have to say … Never let the fear of failing or the unknown stop you from trying something you have never done!

Sorry for those that have been anxiously awaiting the maple syrup post, that will have to be tomorrow posts

Today’s Question: What is a must have in your garden?

Updated 9/12/15: We’ve been LOVING the fresh garden produce and everything we can make with it! Steamed zucchini, zucchini bread, zucchini muffins, zucchini in the freezer! Fresh cucumbers to homemade dill pickles! Jalapenos straight off the plant (until they turned FLAMING HOT after those few weeks with very little rain), on our burgers, in our Italian beef, jalapeno poppers (the oh so good jalapeno pepper, filled with cream cheese then wrapped in bacon!), and hopefully soon some jalapeno jelly! Cantaloupe we’ve enjoyed a couple, but sad to say we missed a few more because we weren’t watching the garden close enough and they got too ripe on us! One very seedy, yellow (yes, it was suppose to be yellow), watermelon with another one almost ready. Two pumpkins that will be divine as fall decorations on our front porch! And tomatoes coming out of our ears that are just now turning … I am hoping the frost holds off for a few more weeks so I can take full advantage of all the green tomatoes still left on our plants. Now the question will be can I make the time to turn all of those tomatoes into sauce to can for this fall and winter!!!!

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