Seed Starters for the Garden

How to Start Your Garden with Seeds

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seed starters using toilet paper rolls … let’s talk about brownie points for recycling also!
Do you know that moment when you have to chuckle at God because you once again realize he knows way more about how to bless you than you could ever even begin to ask for? Welp, I had one of those moments today when I placed my newly planted seeds in my greenhouse! We have lived in our home for almost three years and this greenhouse was here when we moved in. I never in a million years would have thought to even ask for a greenhouse and here I sit dreaming about how this simple greenhouse is going to abundantly bless our family with some fresh produce (and save on groceries) for many years.  I have been looking at this greenhouse (which isn’t the prettiest thing in the world) for the past two summers saying, “One of these summers I really need to take advantage of that thing and grow something!” Sure wish it didn’t take me as long as it did to make that happen.
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I have realized I sometimes over research something to make sure I waste minimal amount of time on mistakes or things I could have done better had I just known. Also, I have realized this thinking has stopped me from following through with a plan because the daunting task is going to require too much effort to get it right the first time! HELLO, this is where you learn from your mistakes silly! 😉 Gardening has been one of those, I want those beautiful plants and an abundant amount of produce the first time, how greedy of me!   
SO, I am entering Gardening 101 here and am completely in training mode … please follow with caution and lots of advice!
We started a couple varieties of tomatoes (some for fresh and most for sauce), cucumbers, zucchini, LOTS of jalapenos, yellow (yes, YELLOW, it is SO GOOD) watermelon, and cantaloupe. Thanks to my oldest who labeled our plants so well! Once the ground warms just a bit more, I will put radishes and a couple strawberry plants in. 
I am absolutely giddy to think about what we will be eating straight from our own backyard!
Today’s Question: Who’s up for some produce swapping this summer?
Updated 5/11/15: We are making progress … my mouth is starting to water just thinking about the produce!

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