Filling the Compost Bin

What to Put in Your Compost Bin

I feel like I am slacking with the last two days being much later than normal for my posts. My compost bin was screaming to get filled and since I knew this would not get done unless I had to write about it, so sorry for the “not too thrilling” post for today. My first thought was this is going to take much longer than I was hoping but I will follow through on this! We spent about an hour and a half cutting, collecting, and dumping … and sadly enough we are only about half full … this will have to be a work in progress!
IMG 4674 - Filling the Compost Bin
We added fresh lawn clippings (yes, mowing happened today only because I needed more green matter in my bin 😉 … brownie points for me with the Mr.!), pin needles (we are stocked to our ears with these bad boys), dried leaves (those that some how have still managed to surface after what we thought was pretty thorough raking last fall and this spring), shredded newspaper, ashes from the fireplace (more brownie points!!!), and coffee grounds from this week.
Now that we have a place to dump our compostables we will be adding our eggs shells and cartons, fruit and vegetable peels, hair from all the hair-cutting that happens around here (mostly just the boys), and shredded paper. A few of the things we will be avoiding are anything dairy, fatty or oily, the glossy ads from the newspaper (additional chemicals are added to paper with a glossy finish so will not compost these), or anything animal related.
I love the fact that this helps less of what we use go into the garbage … I am really not sure where my passion of wasting nothing but I am really enjoying feeling “green”! I know we are doing good when we can make it through a week using only one garbage bag on trash day. Whether it’s reuse our sour cream containers and tin cans or drop off at a center, we do our best to recycle as much as possible.
Cost: Nothing
Environmentally Friendly: Absolutely, love reusing things!
Today’s Question: What is the number one reused item in your house?
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