Pasteurizing Eggs

How to Pasteurize Your Own Eggs

The first step to making our own mayonnaise! Now all we need are those chicks #4 wants to go back to the store for so we can have farm fresh eggs … one day this may be a reality, for now the Mr. isn’t sold on this idea!
To pasteurize our eggs I followed Baking Bites instructions. 
IMG 4759 - Pasteurizing Eggs

Pasteurizing Eggs

sauce pan
food thermometer (digital works best)
Put desired amount of eggs in sauce pan and fill half way with water. Place sauce pan over medium heat with thermometer in place. Watch carefully. Bring water temperature to 140 degrees (see note) and keep the temperature consistent for 3 minutes by adjusting heat or removing from burner. After 3 minutes remove from hot water and immediately cool under running water. Use or refrigerate. 
Note: Eggs start to cook at 145 degrees so it is important not to go above 142 degrees. If you are concerned about your water getting too hot you could lower the temperature but would then need to cook it for longer. I remember reading (will have to find again and link) you could pasteurize eggs at 130 to 140 degrees for 5 to 45 minutes. I did crack one egg open to see how it looked after the process was complete!
IMG 4765 - Pasteurizing Eggs
egg after pasteurization
I will be using these tomorrow!!! Be sure to check back on our homemade mayonnaise. 🙂
Today’s Question: Have you ever purchased pasteurized eggs? 
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