Just a Pinch

Here it is almost 10 pm and I am just know realizing I never stopped to transform something store bought into homemade today. As I was wracking my brain of something I could post about that would be quick I decided we could use a little pick me up instead, so here is a pinch of encouragement for you and me!

It really only takes a pinch of encouragement to keep us going through the hard times, exhausting times, busy times, frustrating times, why-is-no-one-listening times! A simple gesture, a hug, act of kindness, a good deed, and lending hand can totally brighten almost anybody’s day. This is something I know I could do more of and half the time I just plain forget due to the overflowing plate I always seem to be carrying around. But I have found it’s on those days when I am feeling drained without much energy in my reserve tank are the days I need to do this the most.

Throughout my Homemade Day by Day process, I am realizing it has been well more than eliminating unnecessary ingredients, saving money by making it myself, and creating a healthier home for my family. I have learned so much about what makes me happy. So often we see how others do things or handle situations or what they have to give and try to mimic it because they are some one we see as happy or “have it all together”. I have taken notice in the little things about me; how I respond in different situations, who I decided to talk to or not talk to and why, the gifts I have been given to bless others with, and the personal challenges I face through my flaws as a person.

We are raised to be looking out for the other person, treating others as we want to be treated, sharing with those around us, and the list goes on! The focus has very much been placed on others most of our lives, and sometimes this focus on others turns into judgement of them. The interesting thing is we cannot become who God intended us to be if we don’t turn our focus onto ourselves just as much. We are each our own person to serve a purpose different than anybody else. This balance of focus truly is a delicate one, as selfish as it may seem our number one priority should be ourselves. Our service to other’s will come once we have truly identified who we are.

Hear me out on this one, if we aren’t doing what God wants us to do and instead doing things because it looks good on others … we are pretty much agreeing to swim upstream the rest of our life! This doesn’t mean shut everyone out and focus on only you, doing what only you want, and making sure you get your way. No, God has a plan for us and we need to turn our focus on who God created us to be and allow Him to make it even better. I have worked hard not to over analyze what others are doing and instead bring it back to “well what does that look like for me” and go from there.

Life is always going to bring challenges, hardships, frustrations, and negativity but all of those are usually the result of something that is out of our control. Positivity and encouragement, on the other hand, is not. Instead of allowing these uncontrollable circumstances stop you from succeeding, turn your focus onto something else (maybe even yourself) and see what God has in store. In might only be a pinch to start with but sometimes that’s all we need.

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