Homemade Evaporated Milk

Well the day finally arrived that I didn’t get a post or an update in, such a sad day {tears and sniffling}. No worries the sadness was short lived because that’s life … there comes a time when you have to be willing to let go (even if it’s something you are working really hard to do) because other things surface and need your focus or because there is just no time. Letting go can be very liberating, if you have never tried it, I strongly encourage you to do so! It’s that moment when you say, “Okay God, I trust you and leave it at that!” No what ifs, no whys, no how comes, no if onlys, no buts, just I trust you. 🙂

Many times I find if I didn’t get something done one day, it hangs over my head like a dark cloud until I get it taken care of … so discouraging and gloomy, ugh. This time I chose to let it go and decide I would just do two posts one of these next couple of days when I get a chance and that would be that. Everything will get done when it has to, but not everything has to get done today! Such a dramatic difference in emotions, much more relaxing and peaceful; I really need to take this route more often. I also love moments throughout the day (that could have been stressful because I started behind before I ever even woke up … I am sure you all know that feeling) when I sense God elbowing me saying … “See, I have better things in store for you!” Just one of these moments today was when I stopped to grab a few things at the grocery store and my total was $7.77, I had to smile and thank God for the reminder that He is always around and knows what He is doing.

How to Make Your Own Evaporated Milk

There are a couple ways to make evaporated milk and I have decided on trying these two. One uses dry powdered milk and water, the other heats your milk to evaporate the necessary about of water out to be the consistency that is needed.

Evaporated Milk with Dry Milk

2/3 dry milk
3/4 cup of water
Mix ingredients together until the powdered milk is dissolved. Store in air tight container in the refrigerator. 
I found this recipe from the Urban Baker. I would prefer not to use this method: one because there is a more natural way than using dry milk and two because if I didn’t need dry milk to make bread in my bread machine, I would have had to go out and buy this! But since I already have dry milk on hand this would be a good alternative. 
IMG 5266 - Homemade Evaporated MilkIMG 5268 - Homemade Evaporated Milk

Evaporated Milk using Heat

2 1/4 cups of whole milk
Start with 1 cup of milk in a saucepan. Measure the depth of the milk using a toothpick and making a indention. Add the remaining milk and bring to boil over medium heat. Stir continually with rubber spatula. Reduce heat to low and simmer. Stir every 5 minutes, removing any skin each time. Continue this until the milk level reaches the depth marked on your toothpick. Strain evaporate milk into a container with a lid. Store in the refrigerator. Makes 8 ounces (1 cup) of evaporated milk.
This process was from Made Man and I can see myself using this more often. 
We don’t use recipes for evaporated milk primarily because it’s one more ingredient that would need to be added to the grocery list, so we just nix most recipes that call for it. 🙂
Today’s Question: When do you use evaporated milk?

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