Homemade Deodorant

How to Make Your Own Deodorant

Going outside the kitchen is going to be even more of a challenge for me! In the kitchen I already had most of the ingredients needed to make everything, but the bathroom, WHOLE different story. I am going to need to sit down and do some research on my products … butters and oils, there are so many options. I’m not one to buy a bunch of different stuff and use little bits here and there, instead I would rather buy in bulk one or two things and then use them for everything. 
Throughout my brief research today I came up with a list of options, so I could refer back to when making my final decision. The links below have a great information about the many options we have to pick from.
Other ingredients
zinc oxide
vitamin E
I went with deodorant today only because I had all the ingredients 🙂
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Homemade Deodorant

7 tablespoons coconut oil
1/4 cup baking soda
1/4 cup cornstarch
3 drops of palmarosa essential oil (next time will add more)
Combine all ingredients using hand mixer. Press into container or old deodorant stick. Store in a cool place. 
I will be curious how this goes on and withstands everyday activity. 
Today’s Question: Do you have a favorite butter and/or oil?

Updated 6/5/2015 – First off, wish I could spell deodorant correctly … my fingers type deoderant every time which is getting old having to correct! 🙂 I used the homemade deodorant this morning and I’m still okay to be around without getting whiffs of a sweating locker room. Disclaimer: Most store bought deodorants are actually a deodorant and antiperspirant which actually reduces the amount of sweat. Since this is just a deodorant I definitely noticed more sweating than when using a antiperspirant; however, our bodies were made to sweat to remove toxins from our bodies so when I ran across this article about doing an armpit cleanse to reduce breast cancer risk, I found to be quite interesting and informative. Now this obviously is not the cure all for stopping breast cancer, but it reminds me just how much additional and possibly hazardous stuff we put in and on our bodies daily without thinking twice. 

Fair warning here! If I really stop and think about this it can be extremely overwhelming, disheartening, and discouraging … I see all these things on pinterest and Facebook, pin them, like them, or make a mental note, and my list quadruples each day while I am only on a good day marking one thing off. I will say I’m feeling a little on the crazy/weird/abnormal (which all might be true anyway, heehee) side for going to the depths I am with this challenge! Bottom line, I am getting enlightened and can now make more informed decisions about what we eat and use. 

Now off to order my stuff so I can make the rest of my list!

Updated 6/6/2015 – I was asked today why I chose to use palmarosa as my essential oil so I felt the need to add some additional information to my post. There were two blogs I was inspired by when making my homemade deodorant; “passionate homemaking” and “Chocolate & Zucchini.” I adapted the recipe from “passionate homemaking” then added the palmarosa from “Chocolate & Zucchini.” Palmarosa is an essential oil I have used in a rejuvenating bath salt recipe of mine so I had it on hand. It has a sweet smell and anti-bacterial properties so lent itself for a great essential oil choice for a female. Tea tree oil also is a great anti-bacterial choice and has a more woodsy aroma … I am out of tea tree oil so didn’t have this option. This is day two of using the homemade deodorant and I am still very pleased with the outcome! I’m ecstatic to know there is one less unnatural product I am using AND I am saving money in the process. 

Cost: $1.40 for homemade deodorant, each batch is approximately 1 stick of store bought deodorant … this is at least a 50% savings!

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