Face Wash

Not a homemade item but definitely a harsh ingredient eliminator! I have been using the Norwex Body Cloth to wash my face for the past two and a half years and love it! No longer buying outrageously priced face wash and it’s healthier for my skin. Also, with the widespreading trend of essential oils (which their are so many health benefits) you are bound to find an oil combination for your skin type or need. Aging, toning, bags, oily, dry, breakouts … you name it and there’s an oil worth trying!

IMG 5659 - Face Wash
I’ll also add, this does an amazing job at removing eye make-up as well. I don’t wear a lot, so this does the trick even when it’s dry! If you have never heard of or been exposed to Norwex, I HIGHLY recommend you look into their products or find a consultant near you to host a party. It’s life changing to say the least and best of all Norwex will save you money in the long. 
As a side note, I am currently looking for a great non-oily eye makeup remover recipe, not because I don’t like my Norwex body cloth for removing my makeup but as an alternative just to try. 🙂
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