Tick Repellent

I hate ticks! They really gross me out!! A few years back was my first encounter with a tick, I saw something on our dog and when I went to go investigate I realized what it was. The Mr. wasn’t home and was going to be gone over night so I had to be the one to tackle removing it. I quickly started searching the internet for solutions. It wasn’t big and blood-filled so I knew it had to be rather fresh which helped. I then went to work using a tweezers to remove the tick by it’s head and then placed it in a jar with some rubbing alcohol to kill it.

We live in an area where ticks are very likely but definitely not in an overabundance. However, last night I found a tick on me … EEEEKKKKK!!! I had been out mowing yesterday evening and when I was getting ready to shower I noticed something small and dark on my arm, and SURE ENOUGH it was a tick. A first for me and I had the heebie-jeebies the rest of the night! 
So, the first thing on my mind this morning was there’s something I could make as a tick repellent which is when I came across Primally Inspired. She has been using rose geranium essential oil on both her dog and herself and hasn’t found a tick since using it. 
IMG 5717 - Tick RepellentI absolutely LOVE essential oils and have been using them since our #1 was little, so just over ten years. This led to making bath salts, sharing them as gifts, and then eventually tried my hand at selling them on Esty when #3 was little. I would have loved pursuing the Etsy thing more but it was easier to just gift and sell my bath salts locally. Through all of this I have discovered I am an essential oils hoarder and am very stingy with even our own personal uses because they can get costly. I am a firm believer in the benefits and natural uses of essential oils but it truly is an investment, a very good investment though!
I was very blessed to meet up with my cousin and her essential oil mentor yesterday for a essential oils chat. I am always excited to hear about others’ ideas and uses when it comes to their own day to day lives. 
Rose Geranium is just a blend of rose oil and geranium oil so if you would have both of those you could great your own blend. 
Today’s Question: What is your favorite use for rose or geranium essential oils?
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