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love - A Side of Love
    You may agree or you may not, but the true point here is we don’t have to agree in order to love one another and show compassion. Love is a strong word but it truly is only a word. Like 1 John 3:18 states, “Dear children, let us stop just saying we love each other; let us really show it by our actions.”
    Love is no easy task, if it was we’d all be jumping with joy and there would be no sadness, anger, disgust, or fear. If you’ve seen the new Disney Pixar film Inside Out, you may notice a connection there, if not I highly recommend it! It’s an animated production with a story line based on the inner-workings of our memories and feelings which ultimately create our personalities, I applaud the scriptwriters for their creativity and real-world connections.
    You might be wondering, “Well, how in the world does this relate!” Throughout our day-to-day lives we are controlled by emotions. Joy keeps us positive, sadness brings us down, fear can stop us, disgust causes us to judge, and anger can explode us. While any of these on their own will never be sufficient to create what God intended for our lives, all of them together can create something truly remarkable which is exactly what He wants for us. It’s when we work towards balancing all of these the love can finally breakthrough!
    I have in no way perfected this balance and have been guilty of fearing what someone might think if I share my opinion; letting my temper rage when my children are disobeying; allowing sadness to keep me from pushing through; judging other’s with disgust; and letting joy take over while pushing all my other emotions to the side. I am sure we all could admit to these emotions at one point or another, but the fact of the matter is what we do when any one of these emotions are given the opportunity to rule our lives. Could you even begin to imagine life feeling only one of these emotions?!?!?
    If we truly want to find a balance and show love and compassion to everyone we encounter, we need to be aware of what emotions are playing part in our reactions. Instead of allowing only the emotion that is quickest to the scene to be in charge, we need to allow the emotion that needs to be, take over. Easier said than done, but most definitely a great perspective with a much better outcome!
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