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Here it goes … my second wind! I am realizing I am not as passionate or motivated about going homemade in the rest of my home as I was in the kitchen with our food, this does not mean I am going to “quit” and go back to the kitchen. Nope this just means I have been trying to figure out a way to make this happen and in a much more enjoyable way for me AND I’m sure for you (my posts have been a little BORING lately to say the least ;-p)!

Again I am realizing I work best with deadlines and when I am helping other people. I can be drowning in projects needing to be done around here and I will not think twice about stopping dead in my tracks to go help someone else. It’s my nature (and it just might dive the Mr. batty some days) but it’s about finding your talents and using them instead of keeping them to yourself and hoping they multiply … yes a little “Sunday School Lesson” there from Matthew 25:14-30. As most things are better in moderation, I am working on finding a balance between helping others and not overflowing my plate (I get that all too honest from my Momma Bear, bless her heart!). 
I’ve heard about others doing these “Make and Take Classes” and my thought is to put together a few classes myself. My comparison would be to a newer fun form of entertainment as a paint studio where you register for a class, you attend, and then you go home with something you would have never made by yourself! But instead of a new picture that you could hang on your wall, you would be going home with all natural homemade products, recipes, and instructions that you could do again by yourself the next time if you wanted. 
Through all of this thinking, I now could use some feedback from you.  
1) Does this sound like a fun, yet productive, evening or afternoon out?
2) If you are passionate about going all natural, would this get you more motivated to switch to all natural products?
3) What items would you be interested in making?
4) What would be a reasonable price range that would be affordable and worthwhile for you?
5) Have you or anybody you know been to or done a Make and Take Class?
I’ve been toying with this idea for a few weeks now, so I am glad I am finally pushing myself to get some more ideas. Please feel free to share!
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  1. Kara, I just found your blog from the link on the SJO Baseball twitter for the homemade stain remover. Love the idea. Like you I don't like that bar and tend to lean toward the Shout gel in the squeeze container with the brush, but oh so expensive. I bet I could put this homemade stain remover in one of those empty squeeze containers. Hmmm. These parties sound like a great idea. Evenings of course would be my preference. Like your Mr. I don't like the homemade bath products, but I plan to look at the other stuff on your blog and am sure I will find some more (now if I can just get away from here and get some work done today) great ideas. What about having people host the party and you bring all the fixins'? You could charge more than the cost of your goods, the participants would pay and the host would get the end product free. Maybe you start with cleaning products. Or you let the hostess choose from a range of ideas. Depending on how long they take you might be able to do more than one. So, for the stain remover you could charge $10 maybe and they get to take home the stain remover, have some refreshments at the party and visit with friends. You could even ask the participants to bring their own containers and a grater, but have some extras for those who forget. I have attended one of the meal parties where you take home 10 meals to freeze. I loved being able to spend time with friends and take home 10 meals. I know you had to pay in advance. This is how you make sure people attend. People were allowed to pay more and we made the meals for them. Maybe craft these parties after those frozen meal parties. Great idea!! Kathy

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