Homemade Powder Foundation

How to Make Your Own Powder Foundation

I’ve been wanting to make this for weeks now, but have been procrastinating on buying some arrowroot powder. Arrowroot powder is very similar to cornstarch and can be used interchangeably but after reading some different recipes arrowroot powder gave a better overall result than cornstarch. However, the only place I’ve seen it in stores is at Meijer with the spices for $7 for a small bottle; and I’m trying to respect the Mr.’s request to “lay off the Amazon orders” ;-). Yes, the $7 dollars would be much cheaper than the almost $9 ‘Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder’ I usually purchase; BUT not if I don’t like the results! 
So, when I finally ran out of my face powder’ my choices were to go buy some more OR make some using what I had … cornstarch it is! My starting point was a recipe I found at ‘My Merry Messy Life‘ and then tweaked it until I had a color I could work with. She has some additional information that would be worth reading if you’d be interested in trying the homemade powder foundation … including how to make it into a pressed powder! I will be trying that also!
IMG 6057 - Homemade Powder Foundation
the final product … needs to be slightly darker for my skin tone

Homemade Powder Foundation

2 tablespoons cornstarch
3/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
5 drops of palmarosa (or other oil of your liking)
Mix all ingredients together. 
After reading over the few ingredients most of the face powders contained, I went to my kitchen cupboard and started investigating some other options for coloring! 

IMG 6048 - Homemade Powder Foundation
the few options I liked from my cupboard
Seeing them all together really gives you a great idea of what undertones each of these spices have and which ones would work better for your own skin. I did notice the finer the spices the better the blended to make an even colored powder. I think a mortar and pestle just made it onto my Christmas list! There have been a handful of times I would have used one of these sets and making some of these spices finer would just be another reason why I would use one. 
Some pros about making my own powder foundation – CHEAP, it smells really good, easy to adjust the color, and of course healthier for your skin. Some cons or things I’m concerned about – finding the perfect color, overall coverage, and stay power, Now if this becomes something I like well enough to experiment more and really fine the perfect shade, then it’s going to take some time!
I am a little nervous to be putting this out there because I am sure I will get some very curious attention about how my make-up (which is bare minimal to begin with) looks up close. If you happen to see me out and about I’d love (well maybe, heehee) hear your feedback. So far I have been fairly impressed other than the fact I need to make it slightly darker. My make-up goes on once (if that) and I’m not one to touch up it up throughout the day, let alone remember to glance in the mirror before walking out the door (unless I’m off to work or a function) and when I do it’s through the rear-view mirror as I’m pulling out of the drive so it’s at the point-of-no-return and we just have to go with it! 
Here’s a starting point for different undertones, I was rather surprised at how much different the colors were! You’ll notice the nutmeg is the lightest but also used the most spice, this would partially be due to the fact my nutmeg wasn’t has fine as the cinnamon so didn’t blend as well.
IMG 6049 - Homemade Powder Foundation
a little comparison before mixing spices 
Well, this was my fun for the week! The recipe for homemade powder foundation filled my old powder container; so the amounts are fairly equivalent for the cost comparison. 
Cost Comparison: Under $0.15 for homemade powder foundation vs. $9 Physician Formula Mineral Wear

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