Birthday Season

This has consumed much of my free time over the past few weeks, between the Pinterest searches to get ideas, the baking, and the decorating. Making our kids’ birthday cakes has been a fun tradition and I could have never imagined some of the cakes I’d be making! #4 has a June birthday, #1 has a September birthday, and #2 and #3 have October birthdays, so it really is always a season of birthdays around here from June through October.
The key through all of these birthday cakes is the element of surprise! The kids have loved coming up with a challenge for me but they don’t get to see their cake until we are ready to blow out the candles. Since going back to work full time, it has taken a little more commitment to keep the tradition than it used to. Instead of being an afternoon project while the birthday kid is napping or at school, it has turned into a couple late nights after the kiddos go to bed, but it’s all worth it!
Here’s the cake that ended our birthday season in honor of the Mets playing in the World Series (so sad to be posting this after their loss in game 5). 
photo%2B%25283%2529 - Birthday Season
#2 turns 8

This is one of my favorites to date and I was pretty excited in how it turned out. Before I begin any cake I’m never quite sure if it’ll turn out like I envision it and then as the layers go on and the detail gets added; it all comes together! Over the last few years, the kiddos have really stepped up their requests but I always like to think back and share where it all started.

Six years ago, when #2 turned 2, I got the idea to try my hand at cake decorating. Instead of a plain cake with fun candles, I attempted some tractors. I had no cake decorating experience, baggies served as piping bags, there was a complete absence of frosting tips, and I only had a basic 4 pack of liquid food coloring.  I distinctly remember being so frustrated with not being able to get my tractor tires black, but a hobby was started. A few things I learned on my first attempt were frosting does darken the longer it sits and it’s worth the extra money to buy paste food coloring if there is a specific color you want.

photo%2B%25286%2529 - Birthday Season
a throwback picture from when #2 turned 2, 
this is where I started 6 short years ago! 

From amatuer looking tractors to a realistic looking Everest (the newest Paw Patrol pup), who would have thought. #3 has been my most challenging requestor due to the detail required alone. However, I wished I had taken step by step pictures of how this all comes together, because it really is easier than it looks and involves some minor cheating :).

photo%2B%25282%2529 - Birthday Season
#3 turns 5
And then they don’t always turn out like you are hoping! #1’s only request this year was whipped frosting, so I attempted. From the picture it’s harder to tell, but I had made this the day before and let’s just say by the next day my whipped frosting was starting to was loose its fluff. Still, I am bound and determined to find a whipped frosting that’s better than store bought, easy to work with, and keeps for longer than 1 day. 
photo%2B%25284%2529 - Birthday Season
#1 turns 11

And then there’s #4’s. He couldn’t decide on Baymax from Disney’s Big Hero 6 or Superman, so we went with Baymax on top and a Superman inspired 3 on the the sides.

photo%2B%25281%2529 - Birthday Season
#4 turns 3

Each cake is a fun journey, I love the challenge and the excitement the kids show when they finally get to see their cake!

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