What’s in Store

As we are recovering from life comatose from this last week and a half of holiday fun and family time and dwelling in the moment of New Year’s Resolutions (which I truly enjoy the opportunity each year to make a change, but I don’t limit myself to only make a change at the start of a new year), it’s relaxing to think back over the past year and get excited about what is to come.

Life is the perfect balance of learning from the past, living in the moment, and being open to opportunities of the future ALL at the same time. I try not to dwell on the past, but I do appreciate that each new day we are given is a great opportunity to make it better than than the day before. I realize I need to slow down sometimes to enjoy the moment we are currently in. AND I need not to worry about tomorrow but I do need to listen to God’s whispers because His plans for my tomorrow starts with how I obey Him today.

2015 holds things that actually happened and 2016 will bring dates of specific happenings we can plan for but there will also be so many unknowns along the way. As I reflect and ponder at the start of this new year, I can only get excited about what’s in store.

Highlights of 2015 – started a blog + started a new job + #4 began pre-school + welcome another niece AND nephew into this world + everything in between

Looking forward to in 2016 – turning 35 … it’s just another number in my mind, but some may see this as a milestone 🙂 + #3 will start kindergarten + hopes to finish my Homemade Day by Day challenge + LOVING GOD + loving people + keeping life simple

For the Blog: To Do – Make – Replace – Share

ciabatta bread
almond extract
more freezer meals
Young Living distributor
italian seasoning
pumpkin pie spice
chai latte
cream cheese
bearawicka (a family favorite of the Mr.’s dad’s side … have a recipe … need to try this out)
cough drops
bug spray
donate hair
dryer balls
eye shadow
Bar Keepers Friend (kitchen sink cleaner)
bar soap
shampoo (not no-poo)
taco sauce
apple butter
enchilada sauce
ice cream
make and take classes
liquid hand soap
dish soap
chicken bouillon
cheese (any variety)
fruit snacks
crockpot meals
coconut milk
granola bars
sourdough bread
sauerkraut (I love this stuff, but never buy it since I’m the only one that’ll eat it!)
hard candy
farm fresh eggs
uses for shea butter
uses for beeswax
uses for aloe vera gel
uses for coconut oil
uses for activated charcoal
… and the list goes on but I need to make myself stop 🙂 
What’s something you would add to the list?
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