The Deep Dish on Life

It’s really much more simple than it is deep, but it’s always so interesting to me that the simplest things are sometimes the hardest. So often I get caught up in all the distractions of life … the pile of coats and shoes that often greets me at the door when I arrive home from work, the mile long to-do-list that only seems to get longer, and of course the unlimited access to all sorts of social media … through all of these I often forget to focus on all the things that are much more important than any of these. The things that soothe my soul and make me happy. Now, as most of you could figure out one of my happy places is when I am creating anything from scratch; however I am fully aware this could have the complete opposite effect on some of you (!$#&…hair pulling…%@*!%…tears). Simply put, just because I find joy in doing something does not mean everybody else will also, but we can find joy in helping one another find our happy places and encourage each other go to those happy places when we need a break! 🙂

My Happy Places
my morning devotion
a cup of hot tea and honey
Jamie Grace on Pandora
essential oils in my diffuser
the corner of the couch with a good book
creating pretty much anything
a nature walk
snuggling with the kids and the Mr. to watch a movie
getting others to smile
crossing something off of my to-do list
date nights
sharing on my blog

Some of my happy places are visited daily and others are less frequent, but no matter when I visit any of these it brings me joy, happiness, and peace SO why shouldn’t I visit them more often instead of allowing all of life’s distractions to keep me from them!

Which is why I am going to commit myself to sharing a new post every Wednesday. So be on the lookout for Item No. 79 coming next Wednesday!

What makes you happy? I encourage you to make your own list and see if there is anything you would like to make more time for!

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