Homemade Bronzer

I usually try to have my blog post ready to go by Tuesday evening, so all I have to do on Wednesday is give it a quick read and get it published. However, between cheering on our local high school boys basketball team to a state championship on Friday and Saturday (WAY TO GO SPARTANS!), loosing an hour to daylight savings, getting our NCAA tournament picks completed before tomorrow, and then an ER visit last night because of a broken arm for our sweet and spicy #3 (beautiful weather + bicycle + big brother = minor bike collision and a tough little girl who at least for now thinks it’s pretty cool she’s the only one in the family that has had to have a cast!) … all this meant was I pushed writing my post until this evening.

For this week’s posted, I was hoping to share a concealer recipe because I am almost out and I would really like not to have to buy more, but after not being able to RE-find the recipe I was hoping to use and then a few failed attempts left my eyes irritated, I decided it was going to have to wait. So I moved on to the next item on my list, bronzer.

This is something I usually just go without, so I don’t have much to compare it to but it’s extremely simple to make using what I had on hand, the color is very adjustable, and goes on nice with a very natural looking color. I also must add through my reading on homemade makeup I’ve come across how beneficial cinnamon is for the skin … double bonus!

I followed Robin Konie’s recipe at “thank your body” and the color works well for my fairer skin.

IMG 6692 - Homemade Bronzer

IMG 6697 - Homemade Bronzer

Homemade Bronzer

1 tablespoon cinnamon powder
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
1 teaspoon nutmeg powder
2 teaspoons cornstarch

Combine all ingredients into a mortar and pestle (which I found things around my house to make my own, but you wouldn’t have to I just found it to make the mixture finer) and blend well. Store in a small container with lid. Tap excess powder off brush before each application.

IMG 6700 - Homemade Bronzer
diy mortar and pestle using a bowl and small baseball bat 

Best part about this recipe, it cost me nothing!

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