Homemade ‘ArmorAll’

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It’s the time of year of warmer weather and BASEBALL games!  So let me breakdown what those two things mean for you and me.  Warmer weather = a much more pleasant environment to clean your car so I know you are all dying to get out there and use this J. Baseball = a lot of time for us spent in the car … dirty filthy car (inside and out) + 4 kids + 1 mom + the full moon that is upon us this week (oh boy) =
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So needless to say, I was highly motivated to make time this past Sunday for our car.  And now that I have a recipe for ArmorAll that leaves my dashboard looking AMAZING, I have a feeling I will be much more likely to keep the inside of our car (I’m working on the outside also, homemade car wax is on my list!) looking much better than usual. Since I would much rather go without something if it’s not a necessity than go to the store to buy it AND then if it includes a label that is filled with a bunch of ingredients I wouldn’t even want to attempt to pronounce … I for sure would rather go without! So this has been one of those items, instead of ArmorAll, I have been using my Norwex Envirocloth (ask me where you can get this if you are interested) which has worked great, but doesn’t condition or protect the car’s interior. This recipe does both!!

My recipe was inspired by Jillee at onegoodthing, but I didn’t have everything on her list so I improvised.

Homemade ArmorAll

3/4 cup almond oil

1/2 cups water

2 tablespoons vinegar

5 drops dishsoap

5 drops of tea tree essential oil             

5 drops of lemon essential oil

Combine all ingredients into spray bottle and shake. Spray directly on surface and wipe thoroughly.

Since it is likely some of the spray will get on your windows, I would recommend doing this before cleaning your windows. This homemade ‘ArmorAll’ will leave behind a non-greasy, glossy brand-new car look. With results this good, my new place to get away from the endless commotion and chatter in our house might just be our car! J

Cost Comparison – about $4 for 20 ounces for homemade vs. about $5 for 16 ounces ArmorAll brand

I spent nothing since I already had my almond oil leftover from a few other recipes. I am sure other oils would work as well, I would just keep in mind the scent of the oil and how it may respond when heated … with the weather warming up so will our cars! 
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