Jalapeno Bagels

I’ve already posted about making bagels from scratch, but I was in need of a chuckle this evening so decided to share the good and the bad 🙂

I made these for #1 when she was in 2nd grade and was able to make them again for #2 a few weeks ago. It is a fun treat to go along with book Jalapeno Bagels by Natasha Wing and Robert Casilla. 
My plan and execution for getting these bagels made fresh for the classroom activity planned by #2’s 2nd grade teacher went off without a hitch … yet on the same kitchen on the same night I had a frozen pizza meet it’s doom! In my eyes crunch is almost always better, right?!?!? or is this TOO crunchy??
photo%2B2 - Jalapeno Bagels
bagels from scratch – awesome
frozen pizza – not so awesome
what is wrong with this picture!!!! LOL!
Either way this is a great reminder that some moments in life turn out better than we could have expected and others, well, may just be toast! It’s in those toasting moments we are just being refined
into diamonds, just like in Hawk Nelson’s song Diamonds
photo%2B1%2B%25282%2529 - Jalapeno Bagels
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