I missed last week and I was hoping to get something up on the blog tonight but the post I’ve been working on just isn’t ready, so it’s going to have to wait. But I can’t go another week without acknowledging an amazing feat we have been able to be part of these past few months. 

Our baseball family has been on quite a journey over this postseason as they brought home the 2nd place Class 2A IHSA State Baseball trophy on Saturday, the first state baseball trophy ever in school history … such an exciting time! So proud of these young men, sad to think this same family will not play ball together again, yet excited to think what next baseball season will bring!

I have to send a HUGE thank you to all the support that was poured into this baseball family of ours from the parents, the community, former players, and the list goes on! It truly is a family and it just keeps growing, each year births a new group of young men we get to share our lives with and although the season may only last just over 3 months they are forever a part of who we are. These guys give their heart and soul, day in an day out!

I wish I could type more but my emotions, my patience, and my attention span are shot, my reserve tank is on empty, and I have officially crashed from my adrenaline rush from these past few months. Apologies to anybody that had to deal with me over these past few days because I know I was not all with it! I feel the need to add that if you happened to see me and I seemed to be cool and calm on the surface that was only Jesus’s love encompassing me and holding me together because underneath I was an emotional wreck … all that is good within me comes from Him and I can take no credit!

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