When Life Gets Crazy

… think 1%. 

Francesca Battistelli “Before the Crazy Kicks In”

I love the days when even before I roll out of bed, through usually sleep deprived eyes, I make time for my daily devotion. This is nothing extraordinary or extravagant, but simply simple, yet it’s truly all Jesus needs from me … simply me. After the way my Sunday ended I needed these few moments to be still and listen to get me through my Monday. 

Now my weekend was not terrible, if anything it was quite productive, but a short version goes like this {first did anybody else realize Friday was a full moon!?!? uuhhh, I could have told ya without once looking at the moon! WOAH!} … 3 eye appointments … 1 regional baseball game … grocery shopping and dinner planning for the week … double meal prep on Saturday so I didn’t have to worry about dinner on Sunday … Church … almost 7 dozen cookies baked and frosted … all of this busyness ending with Sunday’s what could have been a delicious dinner and the perfect ending to a great weekend on the concrete in a pile of glass {let us take a moment of silence for the lost life of the meatloaf, sigh} … improtude dinner … tears shed … moment of exhaustion and defeat … JUST. NEED. TO. GO. TO. BED. ZZZzzzz!

Then I awoke to a new day, read through my devotion … which may or may not have been forced, either way I knew I needed to start there. With this I then followed through with my normal routine of rolling out of bed, turning on Pandora, and going about getting ready as normal. As the Saturday evening happenings started replaying in my mind, “Before the Crazy Kicks In” came on and I had that moment where I still wanted to be mad but you can’t help but laugh! I have lived in these moments of the first few lines of these lyrics … 

Here I go tip toe into the kitchen
And don’t you know, crash goes the coffee cup
My only chance to be still and listen
Lord, don’t let, don’t let the kids wake up
A little time with You, the only way to get me through the day

While everybody’s crazy looks different, my crazy today started with putting my hair gel on as lotion … twice {WHAT?!?!?! it’s always a good morning when you have to take 3 showers, right?}, we can all relate to the desire for things to go as planned, the satisfaction that you are doing this thing call life like a rockstar, and of course the longing for those quiet moments to just rest. 

So this morning after God and I had our little chuckle fest, I reminded myself that life needs to be tackled 1% at a time. Much like one step at a time. Do what you can in the moment. While some days will be aces and others nothing you want to have in the record books, but if you can change today by 1% then we have made a difference. 

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