Why ‘Simply Pioneering’?


I like simple. Actually more than that, with 4 kiddos {13 and under} I NEED simple 😜! And what is simpler than following the pioneer and perfecter of faith, Jesus.

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Now simple doesn’t always mean ‘easy’. What comes easily is making life way more complex than it needs to be with all the day-to-day busyness. Yet, I love the fact that no matter what I am going through, Jesus is always the answer. There’s no guessing, contemplating, discerning this … it’s a given!


Although it really is that simple, there are a good amount of my moments where my initial answer isn’t Jesus! {face-palm} Why? because that’s where simple doesn’t always mean ‘easy’ comes in. There are times I ‘allow me’ instead of allowing God. It’s more of the attitude of: I’m here, I’m in the now, and I try to take the lead instead of following the true pioneer. Hence the journey of Simply Pioneering.

So in this endeavor of simply pioneering, I am working on training myself to simplify not only in my faith but in my heart {Pioneer Ponderings} and in my home {365 Challenge}.

I would love for you to come along for the ride or even make it your journey too, because this thing called life wasn’t meant to be done alone. But with Jesus by our side and God’s grace to pick us up when we fall.

If you would like to join in this pioneering journey, you can follow along by visiting my social media accounts or feel free to get in touch with me here.

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