Power in Weakness – Part 2

Discovering God’s Gifts

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If you haven’t had a chance to read {or if you would like to re-read} Part 1, you can do so here. I can wait until you get back before going on.

I don’t know about you but I always have enjoyed taking personality tests. Or any kind of survey that provides an insightful perspective of who I am. Obviously, it is encouraging to know our strengthens which can help lead us to a profession we would thrive in. Weaknesses on the other hand are not as encouraging. {I mean who wants to bring attention to those?!? ;)}

While we will eventually get to the weaknesses, this post’s focus is discovering the spiritual gifts God has uniquely placed in each of us. As usual, today’s World Wide Web offers lots of spiritual gifts tests/surveys, but here are a couple that I have referred to.

For those pen and paper lovers to

… and then …

For those online lovers

Whichever one suites your fancy, the process takes about 15-20 minutes and is worth every second! A few tips for the process. 1) Don’t overthink your answers, your initial answer to more than likely the most accurate one. 2) Don’t base your answers off what you know you are ‘supposed’ to do, remember the purpose of this test is to discover your true strengths and weaknesses. 3) Lastly, avoid middle of the road answers, these can tend to lessen the emphasis on either side.

Up next. Power in Weakness – Part 3: Allowing God’s Power

I am excited for those who are intrigued and want to discover more about the gifts God has placed in you!

As always a special thanks to my dear friend, Jackie, to allow me to use her beautiful pics in some of my posts. For more of her amazing work visit instagram at gypsyjac.

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