DIY Compost Bin


Tips for Making Your Own Hot Turn Compost Bin

– hot turn takes less time (20-30 days)
– involves mixing your compost regularly
– bin (or pile) needs to be approximately 3′ x 3′ x 3′
– needs a 25:1 brown to green matter ratio
– the smaller the pieces the quicker the material will break down
If you have a place that gets plenty of sunlight and is out of sight and out of mind, a pile would work wonders. The only areas we have that receives lots of sun are where the kids play or in the front yard. Neither one of these sounded like a great place for a pile of decomposing matter! A compost bin constructed from scrap wood nicely nestled in the corner of the greenhouse seemed like the perfect place (let’s just hope it doesn’t smell too bad!).
IMG 4673 - DIY Compost Bin
DIY compost bin using scrape wood
I worked on this most of the afternoon using the Mr.’s power tools which I have become very fond of … just a simple disclaimer if you have never attempted using power tools and feel the urge to, do not be afraid and “slow and steady wins the race.” 🙂 The compost bin isn’t perfect but it will do just fine for grass clippings, recycled newspapers, and compost-worthy kitchen scraps! 🙂 Now we just need to recruit some kiddos to help cut all those newspapers up we have been saving! Hoping the compost is ready by the time my starter plants are ready to go into the garden.
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