Of the Heart

Pioneering is more than a way of living it’s a way of life and it’s not necessarily even about being a pioneer as a person but rather pioneering as an action.  While every part of the self-sustaining lifestyle of “the pioneer days” intrigues me, what knocks my socks off more than anything is when I stop and think about the mindset that went into being a pioneer. It’s all bout breaking boundaries and branching out into the unknown.

These ponderings are ones of my own heart that are more than likely still a work in progress {will there ever come a day when we aren’t still a work in progress?!?} and with life happening so drastically around us I feel God constantly pushing me to share these ponderings.  Intended to bring a ponder to your day and courage to break down barriers.

And of course because I am a natural woman, filled with an array of emotions … like a shaken-up soda pop some days 😊, I can guarantee there will be a smorgasbord of thoughts that are on my heart. From philosophical to theological to totally comical, because really what is life if only one “type” of anything existed.

Somedays my ponderings may hit a nerve or two, including my own, but please understand these are not meant for debate nor discussion, but food for thought. No matter how you have stumbled across my ponderings, I ask that you read them as a whole, as insight of the what really matters … the heart.

If you are wondering, why “Simply Pioneering” venture over here, so find out!

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